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Want a proven way to set yourself on the path to financial freedom?

Ready to leave the day job behind and do what you love?

AirBNB Investing 101 Makes it Happen
No matter where you live, what you do, or where you come from, you want to have the freedom to spend your time doing something you love. We all feel that way, especially on a Monday morning, but how many of us actually go out there and make it happen?

The truth is that it’s all too easy to stay in the here and now, accept the status quo, and never notice the incredible opportunities that lie right before your eyes. How do I know? I’ve been exactly where you are right now…

Tiffany has a great story. She has faced a ton of adversity in her life which is why she loves teaching people. She is extremely confident and truly cares about helping others. The knowledge she possesses is incredible.
Ezzy Raj


Tiffany is truly a genuine human being, beautiful inside and out. Her carefree and loving spirit is just a front to the most hardworking, dedicated, and passionate woman I know. Her only goal is to help everyone make a better life for themselves and their families.
Alexis White Crockett

Level Up Wealth Academy is
More Than Just a Workshop
When I wanted to escape the 9-5 and really start living my life, I knew it was time to level up. I started reading and researching all the different growth industries out there, but I kept coming back to one thing: real estate.

You might be thinking that you don’t have the startup capital needed to buy up a property portfolio, and that you also don’t want to have to wait years until you can afford to do it. I know how you feel, which is why I want to share what I found with you.

Your home can be a lucrative source of repeat income if you know how to use it correctly. All you have to do is learn how to market it, become the host people want to deal with over and over again, and offer an experience that your audience won’t find anywhere else.

Here’s why

What I’m offering is more than just a workshop:

– Set Yourself Financially Free by learning your home’s true value
– Generate Repeat Income with unique tips no one else will tell you
– Be Unique so you instantly stand out in a highly competitive growth mar-ket
– Grow a Business that secures your financial future and gives you the freedom you’ve been dreaming of
Tiffany has great insights and a genuine desire to help people.
Shelli Proffitt Howells

Unlock Your True Potential

When I first started looking into the rental market I knew that it was going to be tough. Having a holiday home presents you with large overheads, but the same can’t be said of your own home. 

By using AirBNB to unlock the true potential of my home, I was able to turn hosting into a lucrative new source of income without having to work longer, or harder. Now with AirBNB Investing 101, you can do exactly the same.

I had a zoom call with Tiffany last week about raising my credit score. She is a credit score ninja!!! She told me things that I could do that are super easy and I even did some right then on the call with her! My credit score has already gone up and I have improved my debt ratio dramatically with just a few quick actions she gave me! Love her and love my instant improvement!!
Kelly Kaye Walker

You’re going to have to go to one of her events and get your mind blown. Tiffany provides a tremendous amount of value and a wealth of tried and true actionable strategies. She’s the real deal; polished, professional, and most importantly, genuine!
Colton Hanks

The Key to Your Success

When you want to level up, you need to partner with the right expert.

I never promise instant results, unrealistic returns, or overnight changes…because they’re just not real. But what I can do instead is talk you through the exact same method I used to turn my home’s potential into a lucrative new source of income simply by understanding what it’s worth:

  • Generate Lucrative Returns by focusing on short term vacation rentals
  • Minimize Risk by keeping your operation lean and your overheads low
  • Expand Your Vision by turning one home into an entire portfolio without overexposing yourself to the market


She is the Real Deal! Her experience, passion, and Huge heart for helping people is 2nd to none. I HIGHLY recommend her!
Anthony C Palacino

Level Up Wealth Academy is

Your New Future Awaits

I know that the first step can feel a little daunting (I’ve been there myself), but I can also promise you that by simply signing up you’re making the smartest decision of your life.

AirBNB Investing 101

29th February 2020

Time For a Lucrative Leap Forward

Ready to Change Your Life?

Getting started couldn’t be easier.

Now that you know how I achieved my own financial freedom, all you have to do is follow exactly what I did. I’m ready and waiting to talk you through how I did it, all you need to do now is turn up.

It’s Time to Level Up


Together we can do more

Remember if you know there is gold, don't worry about the price of the shovel. Let's just get there together.

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