Whether you want to be a rentalprenuer or a vacation rental boss this training is for you! LUWA will show you how to maximize your profits while minimizing your risk making a healthy passive residual income along the way. Let’s not the forget the future appreciation you’ll experience on the backend. Short/Long term rental properties are the bread and butter of the real estate business Learn the do’s and dont’s of being a landlord/property owner. Learn how to keep your vacation rental booked up a year in advance creating a nice piece of mind for you and your pocket book. Learn the secrets to getting 5-star ratings in AirBNB/VRBO/TripAdvisor and more.

With years of practice we’re confident to provide you with the following expert advice:

  • Creating the perfect Airbnb profile
  • Showcase your skills or expertise to cope with the competition
  • Finding the best practice to increase the potential to earn
  • Generate more targeted rental leads
  • Build a trusted relationship with your leads
  • Nurture leads to get them ready to book
  • Close more bookings online or on the phone
  • Upsell insurance policies and concierge services
  • Reactivate leads who inquired but did not book
  • Generate repeat business

And much more!

Sky’s the limit to your earning potential! Book this training today!

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