2-Day Introductory Workshop

Think of this as a REAL ESTATE 101 course. Everyone needs to start somewhere right? Don’t you hate it when you go to a workshop only to find they give you just enough to wet your whistle but not enough actionable items to go out there and run with? We pride ourselves in giving you the information you’ll need to actually hit the ground running. In this workshop you will learn the foundation pieces to building your wealth in the real estate business. Learning the basics of real estate investing from A-Z and everything in-between. This course is recommended for the novice real estate investor who is looking to LEVEL UP their wealth game. Techniques such as 5-Day Sale, Wholesaling, Credit Strategies, Fix and Flip, Repair budgets/formulas and much more to help you SAFELY and effectively get your start in real estate investing. Safety is our number one priority. We ALWAYS want to be sure our investors know how to invest wisely and most importantly risk free!

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